Swift Software and Services (“The Company”) provides hosted web based email validation application services (“SERVICE”) to its customers.This page contains the terms and conditions that govern your use of the SERVICE (as defined below) and imposes material limitations to your rights.SSS reserves the right to modify, alter, or otherwise update these Terms and Conditions at any time. The company will post changes at this site, so you are encouraged to review these Terms and Conditions from time to time and reserves the right to terminate its contract with any member who violates the applicable Acceptable Use Policy . 

By signifying your acceptance of the terms of this page, you intend to be, and hereby are, legally bound to this Terms of Service to the same extent as if and you physically signed this. By using the SERVICE, you agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions of this page. If you do not agree to all of such terms and conditions, you may not use the SERVICE. 

The following shall apply when using the SERVICE: 


1. You specifically agree that shall not be responsible for unauthorized access to or alteration of your data sent through our servers. 

2. You specifically agree that you will use our web based email verifier service in accordance with our AUP by not using the service to verify extracted or harvested email lists or for harvesting email addresses for SPAMMING purposes.You agree to use the service to validate your own opt-in email lists only. 

3. You specifically agree that is not responsible for any content sent using and/or included in the SERVICE by any third party. 

4. In no event be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special, consequential damages or any damages whatsoever including, without limitation, damages for loss of use, data or profits, arising out of or in any way connected with the use or performance of the SERVICE, with the delay or inability to use related services, the provision of or failure to provide services, or for any information, content through the SERVICE, or otherwise arising out of the use of the SERVICE. 

5. In no event shall be responsible for incorrect responses from mail servers or validation issues with email servers while using the SERVICE. We do not guarantee a 100% validation success rate. It is not possible to guarantee a 100% accuracy level due to certain multiple factors beyond our control. The level of accuracy you can obtain depend on the level of validation you have chosen, reputation of the incoming connecting IPs and many other factors. 

Service Description: 

Swift Email Verifier is a web-based email verifier service which enables a user validate his/her mailing lists and process email bounces via a process of SMTP verification thereby enabling our customers to maintain a clean mailing list for their email marketing campaigns and reduce bounces to their mailbox. Since we also recognize the potential for misuse and even abuse, we expressly prohibit anyone to use our service for extracting email addresses for spamming purposes.
In contrast, we use SMTP verification to validate email addresses that have already been collected by our clients and for which mailing permission has been granted. Subcribers MUST agree that they will use our web based email verifier service in accordance with our AUP by not using the service to verify extracted or harvested email lists or for harvesting email addresses for SPAMMING purposes. They must agree to use the service to validate their own opt-in email lists only. 

Service Abuse Prevention and KYC Policy 

As an email validation service provider, we are aware of the potential for misuse and abuse of our service by spammers to validate extracted or harvested email addresses. We have a zero tolerance for the abuse of our services and supports and participates in the fight against SPAM. However, we also recognize the role and legality of commercial bulk emails which does not equate SPAM provided these are done in accordance to the CAN-SPAM Act. For this reason, we allow the use of reputable rented or purchased mailing lists provided these are not used for SPAMMING. In addition, we do not advocate using email validation to replace list hygiene best practices including removing bounces and mailing to your list regularly. 

In order to prevent our service abuse and as part of our Know Your Customer (KYC) policy, the following information is requested or logged during signup: 

*Full name *Email address *IP address (Automatically logged) 


Your account shall be provisoned after a payment is received usually withiin few minutes up to 24 hrs. After your account is activated, you will be informed via email using the email you have provided during the signup process. If you have signed up for bulk validations via our online email verifier dashboard for a specific number of days, the time starts ticking the moment your account is activated ; so make judicious use of your subscription duration. Accounts are granted to you as an individual customer. You may not share your account or divulge your logon details to third parties.It is your responsibility to keep your API key secure at all times and ensure that unauthorized users do not have access to it. 

Pricing and Cancellation of Accounts 

Our pricing plan is simple and without any hidden charges. All subscriptions are without recurring billing. Prices listed on the website are subject to change without prior notification. Orders will be charged at prices in effect on the transaction day. 

If you wish to cancel your account with us, you are free to do so. Upon cancellation, your account and data located on our servers may no longer be available. It is the end-user’s responsibility to retrieve this data prior to the request for cancellation of the service. cannot guarantee retrieval of data once an account is cancelled. 

Refund Policy 

All service cancellation/refund request must be made within 24 hours after service activation. To request for a cancellation or refund, open a ticket in your via email. If you are interested in testing our service, we provide free trial option that you can use to clean up to 500 email addresses either in one bulk upload via our online dashboard or by using our simple REST-based API. Please click here to request for a free trial option. No credit is required. 

Level Agreement (SLA) Policy 

Due to the complexity and nature of our shared email validation environment and software limitations, occasional downtime may occur. Our servers have an uptime of over 99% and you will be able to use our services 24hrs round the clock without any network issues. However, due to the nature of the application,you may experience occasional downtime with the service or web application, For this reasons and to ensure high availability, we offer 2 high performance servers (Primary & Secondary) and these can be alternated. Requests may be directed to either server. No appreciable difference in performance or behavior should be expected. Users are expected to alternate the servers in the event of server downtime or during period of peak demands. To report a server outage in both servers, you must open up a ticket and inform us as soon as you experience the issue. 

Active Validation Job Monitoring and Results Retrieval 

Note that we do not monitor user validation jobs. It is your sole responsibility to monitor your active validation jobs and ensure that it is running while performing bulk validations via our online dashboard. You are required to carefully monitor the status of your active jobs and where applicable take approriate measure to restart the job where a job has stopped. 

Data Privacy and GDPR Policy

We take the security and confidentiality of your data which you upload on our servers seriously. Also when you delete your mailing lists from our servers, these are completely deleted. We are fully GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant which is a new set of rules that dictate privacy and security standards for data collected from EU citizens. Companies need to adhere to new regulations regarding how data is collected, processed and stored.We do not share your email lists or use them in any other way.You can now choose EU verification servers region upon request to be GDPR compliant and any email you verify via the server is 100% confidential to you. Please note that it is your sole responsibility to delete any data you wish to delete from our servers in your account. Once you delete the lists, they are deleted permantly and cannot be retrieved. 

Abuse and Anti-SPAM Policy 

We do not support the use of our service for harvesting email addresses for SPAMMING purposes. With our web based email verifier, it is NOT possible to send any emails and therefore our subscriber cannot use the service as a spamming tool. Our checking engine employs DNS and SMTP protocol functionalities to perform e-mail address validations and absolutely avoids sending any email message to external mail servers. However, we do recognize the fact that some email servers may falsely tag our connecting IPs as SPAM sources likely because of the multiple connections from different originating IP addresses via which the email verifications are made. To take of this, we have registered for feedback loop programs offered by various email ISPs in order to promptly address the issue and ensure that our server IPs maintain good reputation. 

Applicable Restrictions 

1. Automated submissions or file uploads such as via automated scripts or ‘bots’ are not permitted. 

2. Verifcation of stolen or hijacked mailing lists are not permitted 

3. Verification of harvested or generated mailing lists are not permitted 

4. Abuse of our servers and system disruption is not permitted

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