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SMTP Relay Server

We provide dedicated, reliable and affordable SMTP relay servers with full authentication support that is ideal for sending cold bulk email marketing with full compliance to applicable anti-spam laws

Our SMTP relay service is unique because we only offer dedicated SMTP nodes. We offer a standard SMTP relay node with full unrestricted sending. You can send at full speed and capacity that the SMTP server resources allows (CPU/RAM). If you are a high volume sender, you can order for multiple nodes. Each SMTP node comes with 1 clean dedicated IP.

We strongly recommend that prior to using your dedicated SMTP server, you warm up the IP and follow all email marketing best practices in order to improve your inbox rate.

Our SMTP relay server is fully authenticated:

The SMTP relay servers are provided as dedicated nodes or servers. That means that you do not have to worry about risking your sender reputation since the server is not shared. You will have full control of the server reputation and be able to warm up the IP and monitor it's reputation independently.

Full features :

Forward Confirmed Reverse DNS ready

Non-blacklisted server hostname/domain and IP

SPF ready


Strict compliance to standard mail server limits ( sending rate/sending volume)

In-built IP warm-up and rate limiting to improve reputation

Comes with web panel for monitoring and statistics

Free load balancer for multiple servers orders if required

24/7 support and live chat support

Best inbox rate

True unlimited monthly sending without no restrictions. Your sending speed/volume is only limited by the power of the SMTP relay node. Send at speeds up to 5000/hour

No recurring billing. Only pay for the number of SMTP nodes you need

By using our SMTP relay nodes, you agree to use only for legal purposes and in compliance with all applicable anti-spam laws/privacy laws in your jurisdiction: Violation of this AUP will result to immediate server termination.

The sending or transmission of emails/campaigns containing the following content are strictly forbidden:

Malware and phishing

Child pornography or erotica

Contents violating anti-spam laws or deceptive emails


Copyright Infringement

Email bombing or DDOS

Emails/campaigns lacking real physical address and unsubscribe links/unsubscribe emails

Pyramid Schemes

Ransomware and exploits

Hate and racism

Bestiality and incest

Hacking and cracking

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