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Automatic IP rotation proxy is a type of proxy that allows you to route your traffic through multiple backend proxy servers in contrast to using a static single proxy IP. It is also commonly known as backconnect proxy. This proxy system allows you to get access to as many IP addresses as you want. IP addresses are automatically rotated every few seconds or every request in a random manner and you will have a fresh pool of randomly automatic rotating IPs.

Our backconnect proxy is very easy to use. Instead of using multiple proxy IPs as lists or multiple ports, we simply route all our thousands of proxies worldwide through a central gateway server. This makes it possible to simply enter this gateway proxy IP and single port to get a true unlimited threads and connections to thousands of proxies both residential and datacenter from all worldwide mixed sources . 

Our automatic IP rotation proxies are made up of both HTTPS & Socks 5 proxies. Our backconnect proxy system operates quite differently from other backconnect proxy you may have used in the past. Our backconnect proxy is unique because it is accessible via a single gateway server and port (Super Proxy) which in turn routes your connection automatically to millions of active proxy IPs located worldwide. In addition, we offer our backconnect as a global mixed proxies or custom geo proxies.

Mixed wordlwide mix or custom geo plans can be requested. A majority of these proxies are Google passed and can be used for any SEO tool

Our backconnect or IP rotation proxies operates quite differently from the normal backconnect proxies you may have used where you are given many ports. Contrary to what most people believe, the number of threads or connections doesn't depend on the number of ports. We only utilize a single port which allows unlimited connections (Super Proxy). We are one of the only few proxy providers that allows unlimited connections for a flat fee. We use a special technology that makes it possible for our backconnect proxies to support huge threads per single port spanning over 500K threads

The proxies are sourced from third party feeds from our reputable vendors worldwide. These proxies are affordable and efficient because we are able to obtain and aggregate unused capacity from our vendors. Note that these are not hacked or botnet proxies. However, because of multiple factors beyond our control, we cannot guarantee the type of proxy for any of these proxies ( private/exclusive/public etc.)

If you regularly need to scrape data from websites or need to access multiple sites with different IPs to remain anonymous, then you will find automatic IP rotation proxy very useful. Automated IP rotation proxies are commonly used by companies and SEO companies for web scraping and automated data collection.

We do not limit your bandwidth nor throttle your connections when using our automatic rotation proxies. You can run as many queries as your software or web scraper allows. This is why many of our clients prefer our services unlike other companies who would throttle or limit your conenctions or make you pay more for higher number of simultaneous requests. We allow you to run high volume of concurrent requests with each request coming from a different IP address so you can extract your data faster.There is no limitations on the number of connections and we allow unlimited threads as much your machine can handle.

You are free to set the number of threads as your system resources (RAM and CPU) will allow, however the actual threads you can achieve will depend on the current threading capacity of our system and your network/system resources.

We use a random algorithm. That means that the system automatically rotates the IP randomly. The random switching consist of a balanced mix of new IP per request and new IP every few seconds/minutes.

You are free to set the number of threads as your system resources (RAM and CPU) will allow, however the actual threads you can achieve will depend on the current threading capacity of our system and your network/system resources.

You will be given our central gateway proxy IP and port to use in your program after your machine IP is authorized. The proxies are connected to via a single Gateway IP and port for each proxy protocol. Each port connection is re-routed to different HTTP or Socks proxy IPs in multiple countries in this scheme: Your computer->"Single IP Gate-Server->Proxy Server. Setup and usage is very easy. Simply add the gateway/super proxy IP and the port and you are done. Note that we only allow a max of 1 IP per subscription. If you need access to multiple machines, you must buy additional subscriptions.

Yes. Custom geo can be requested.

Yes, the proxies works great with any SEO tools you can think of.

Yes, please download the setup guide we have prepared here (PDF) .

Our backconnect or IP rotation proxy system is a unique proxy system that uses a single gateway IP address that intelligently routes your route your requests through thousands of backend proxies located worldwide. This gateway server IP via a single port.

Although all your connection requests to our proxy super server will be routed via a single port, we do not throttle the number of threads or connections that you can run through these ports. Unlimited threads can be used depending on your system hardware and our system resource availability. When you connect to our backconnect proxy port, the IPs will auto rotate every request. so if for example your software need 10 different proxies at the same time, you will use >10 threads(that is send 10 or more simultaneous requests to any of the proxy ports)

Our automatic IP rotation proxies use IP address based authentication only. We do not use username/password authentication. You can switch your IP address any any time from our control panel. However, you can only authenticate to the proxy servers with a single IP address at a time.If you need to authenticate more than 1 IPs, you will need to place additional orders for each IP. We offer discount for multiple IPs. Please contact us for a quote.

The proxies are generally fast as only working and fast proxies are pulled into our IP pool. However speed could vary based on your network and proxy location. Yes, we do offer a trial package for quality assessment that will allow you test the proxy before placing order for the standard package. Note that we do not offer refunds.

No. We offer both mixed worldwide or Geo proxies

Yes, it is only possible to use our Socks 5 gateway proxies on your mailing client or bulk mailer program.

Although most dynamic IPs do not change very often multiple times per day, you are free to update your new IP as many times as you like via our control panel.

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