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Real-Time Email Validation (API)

Swift Email Verifier offers a real-time email validation and scrubbing APIs (Application Programming Interface) accessible via a RESTful API call. Both APIs are queried with a simple HTTP GET request and responses are delivered in JSON format. Validating or scrubbing your emails in real-time via API is the best solution for you if you simply don't want to upload your mailing list to a 3rd party server since your data is never stored on our servers.

Our API is also directly usable in our free JAVA based email verifier client or Advanced Email Verifier software (third party commercial software). To learn more how our API can be used in these programs, please stroll down this page to "Available Email Validation API Clients".

The Email Validation and Scrubbing APIs allows you to validate your emails in real-time and check if they actually exist and also will scrub the email address against our undesirable email database such as Role accounts, Disposable Email Address (DEA), Blacklisted/Bogus Emails and Email Domains. To learn more, click here to download our API documentation (in PDF).

How it Works

Our APIs allows you to check if an email address really exists and if it is undesirable (Role account, DEA, Catch-All Email, Bogus/Blacklisted/Bots etc). For every email address checked, a specific status is presented which tells you if the email address is valid or invalid or whether it is damaging or undesirable for your email marketing including over 33 status codes for investigating the reason of a specific email validation failure. (Please see the API documentation guide here for details)


What is Checked by Email Validation & Scrubbing API:

Email syntax: This checks the email addresses syntax and ensures that they conforms to IETF standards

Mail Server Existence Check: This checks the availability of the email address domain using DNS MX records

Mail Existence Check: This checks if the email address really exists and can receive email

Catch-All Domain Email Check: This checks if the email domain will receive all of the email messages addressed to that domain, even if their addresses do not exist in the mail server.

Role Accounts such as,, etc

Disposable Email Addresses such as Mailinator, 10MinuteMail, GuerrillaMail,etc

Known Blacklisted/Bogus emails and Email Domains Check: All records matching over 800 millions of known spammers emails, malicious or bogus emails, known publicly disclosed emails exhibiting spam trap characteristics and emails belonging to known spam domains emails database can be used to scrub your mailing lists and any matches are removed using our scrubbing API.

Note that we do not possess actual spam traps in our database which are setup by ISPs and Anti-SPAM agencies. Our system only collects publicly disclosed email addresses and performs the analysis of these emails using a powerful algorithm to determine which of these emails could be potential spam traps or exhibiting certain spam trap indicators.


How to Call or Integrate the APIs

We offer a simple and secure way to call or integrate our APIs with your web form, checkout script or application using a simple HTTP GET call to the API according to the following URL structure below. Once a call is made to the API by using the request URL, the API will return a simple page (JSON) with the results and sufficient information will be provided to accept or reject the email address, ready to be scraped by your application.

Making an API call

Making an API call is very easy with our simple API. All you need is:

  • 1.Your API Key (API_Key)
  • 2.The Email Address to check (Email_Address)

All API call will be made to:


We also provide a single API request URL that combines both the scrubbing and validation functionalities.

The API response will be provided in the format below :


The table below explains the response parameters:

Response Parameter Description Example Values
Address This is the email address that was checked
Status This is the validation result of the email Invalid
StatusCode This represents the reason for the validation status MailboxDoesNotExist

API Response Examples:



API Integration Steps:

To integrate the API, simply take the following steps:

1. SignUp: SignUp for an an API key here. Once your account has been activated you will be notified via email of your API Key. This unique API key allows you authenticate to our web service APIs. Your API key should be kept private, and should never be displayed publicly.

2. Integrate:Integrate the API to your web form, subscription forms, Checkout forms, email software or databases to validate or scrub emails instantly.etc using the API documentation. Use the specific API response status and status codes to implement actions on your forms such as rejecting invalid emails and disposable email addresses at point of collection.

If you need help integrating the API into your app, our programmers can help or you can hire a programmer online from



Available Email Validation API Clients:

Performing Bulk Validations via JAVA API Client (Free- Windows/MAC/Linux):

We offer a JAVA based API client which can be used to validate emails in bulk using our email validation API. The program is a simple and easy java based executable file which you can simply run and works in Windows, MAC and Linux. No installation is required. Simply run the program, enter your API key and upload your list. The program supports multi-threading and can validate emails up to 60 emails in parralel. To use the program, you need an Email Validation API key which must be entered into the program to authenticate to the API.

Download JAVA Client

Download Manual


Using the API in Advanced Email Verifier Software (Third-Party Commercial Software-Windows):

We have partnered with Advanced Email Verifier to provide a powerful and high speed email validation API service (Application Programming Interface) which allows users of AEV to validate emails through our email validation API. If you already have a license for AEV or you wish to use AEV, you can simply configure the API key into AEV and start validating emails easily.

Download Manual

Benefits of Real-Time Email Validation API

Improves your inbox presence by ensuring that you collect valid email addresses at point-of-collection

Instantly prompt users to correct invalid email addresses at point-of-collection

Instantly reject certain undesirable emails such as Disposable emails, Role emails, Catch-All emails and known blacklisted/bogus emails etc.

Ensures accurate email address collection in real-time

Eliminates unnecessary fields such as "Confirm Email" from your web forms

Eliminates the need to mail your subscribers or customers to confirm their email addresses

Protects your IP reputation by eliminating sending to invalid emails

Any data being cleaned using the API is never stored on our servers thereby ensuring your lists privacy

Block anonymous subscribers using disposable email addresses at point of signup thereby helping you to reduce the number of anonymous subscribers to your service.

Uses a RESTful API web service which is easy to use and implement on your application or forms

Ideal for web-based forms, web-enabled devices, POS and any app that requires real-time validation of emails at point of entry. If you are interested in our our sample use of the API in subscription smart forms in capturing and validating users emails in real-time, please click here.


Pricing and Free Trial

The Email Validation API is authenticated using API key. The pricing is based on a standard price of $0.001 per API call with volume discounts. For our pricing details, please click here.

When you place an order, you will be issued 2 API keys for both email validation and scrubbing. Each API key is issued with a fixed maximum number of requests quota. Once you are issued an API key, you can use the API key to make the allocated maximum requests at any time and whenever you want. The API keys do not expire and you can top-up the key when needed. In addition, a single API Key can be used in unlimited number of applications or web forms and from any IP address.

If you want to try the API before placing your order, we do offer free trial option that will allow you validate or scrub up to 500 email addresses via our API. To obtain your free trial API key, please signup here.

See Pricing and Sign Up